The question of what to bring along while traveling is always the most difficult. Here are a five helpful hints that I have found to be extremely helpful to keep you safe and stylish during your travels…

Some essentials for your travel.

1. Locks –  While traveling you may want to consider investing in a couple of locks. One that is TSA approved to get through the airport with your luggage and a few regular locks (to make it a little more difficult to break open). If you are bringing a backpack it is also a good idea to bring a lock for that as well. It might be annoying to access, but you will be glad you did when all of your belongings are safe at the end of your travels. Nobody really reminds you of them, but they are super helpful.

2. Comfortable walking shoes or boots – Make sure to bring comfortable shoes while traveling. You may be walking 10 or more miles a day and blisters are not fun when they start forming at mile one. Stilettos are pretty, but for your feet’s sake, don’t do it! And don’t worry, especially throughout Europe, you will have no problem making your 10,000 Fitbit steps in a day!

3. A camera – Yes, such a cliche to say, “bring a camera,” but it really is a necessity. Of course, it is preferable to bring along a nice Nikon or Cannon, but it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to lug it around or worry about it being stolen. For those that want a little bit higher quality pictures, but don’t want to bring that nice camera around you could try the new lens enhancer adapters that attach right to your smartphone camera lens.

Flying high above the Italian Alps on our way to Roma.
Flying high above the Italian Alps on our way to Roma.

4. Cross body bag – The perfect accessory for keeping your belongings safe and looking stylish is a cross body bag. Make sure to keep in front of your body at all times to stay away from pickpockets.

5. Water bottle – The best advise I received from a friend before traveling was to bring a water bottle. Traveling makes you especially thirsty, so make sure you have one at all times. There are also collapsible water bottles that work great, so that they don’t take up too much space and will fit right in your purse for whenever you are in the need of a cool sip of water.

Happy and Safe Travels Everyone!!