Want Italian designs for a bargain? Visit Italy during the month of January or July and you’ve got a deal! Unlike the sales in the US, all Italian shops go on sale, or saldi, at the same time and only twice a year. The winter sale starts in January and runs through the month, or until stock is gone. The same process goes for the summer sale, which begins in July.

The Peserico store in Firenze, Italy during Saldi.

Though the winter sales aren’t during the tourist season, the July ones are at a perfect time for visitors to shop and enjoy some warmer weather. If you can’t make it to Italy during those times, don’t fret too much. You can still find excellent deals on full price designer purchases, which are much more expensive in the US than they are in Italy (This is even including the conversion rate of Euro to US dollars).

Though saldi is coming to a close now, there is still always July to look forward to. So, next time you are planning a trip to Italy and you want to bring home some unique Italian fashion items, you may want to consider coming during saldi and get that Valentino look you’ve been dying for at fraction of the price.