Do you like mozzarella, yogurt and leather goods? If you do, you are in luck! Alongside the Amalfi coast is the first organic buffalo mozzarella farm in Italy, called Tenuta Vannulo.  On the farm they have a stable where the buffalo are raised and taken care of, a dairy and yogurt shop, and lastly a leather shop.

Tenuta Vannulo Organic Farm.

The employees begin making the mozzarella every morning at around 4:00 am and finish for the day around noon. All of the mozzarella from the farm is hand made, shaped, and cut. The milk from the buffalo is also used to make homemade yogurt and gelato. All products are available to purchase in the dairy store from the farm and all are sure to make your mouth water. They don’t ship the mozzarella out anywhere, so be sure to make it your next destination while traveling through the Amalfi coast. It won’t disappoint!

After stopping at the dairy and yogurt shops, make sure to pop your head into the leather boutique. All of the leather goods in the store are hand-crafted and sewn by a fantastic leather-smith. The designs are created by a Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci stylist. So, you can be sure all designs are made with impeccable taste and style. They have everything from leather belts, to beautiful handbags all made with natural hyde. There are so many beautiful goods you won’t be able to pick which one you want!

So, when decide to take a trip through the Amalfi coast make sure you stop at Tenuta Vannulo. The best cheese in the world and beautiful leather goods all in one place, what more can a girl ask for?

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