When you walk into a boutique, you walk around for a moment and the sales person asks you if you need any help. You kindly decline because you just want to browse the place for a moment. And then out of nowhere something catches your eye. There they are. You suddenly know that they are the ones and that nothing else can even come close to comparing to. Yes, in the corner you find the most perfect, beyond perfect pair of shoes.

My favorite pair of shoes. Tod’s Fall/ Winter 2015/2016 boots.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is difficult business. My favorite part of getting a new shoes is when you first open up the box of shoes and can just smell the new leather/ new shoe scent. Everyone who knows me can attest to my admiration and obsession with shoes, and yes I can admit, sometimes I love them a little too much. But, nothing beats that feeling when you first walk into the store and know that you’ve found the one. There’s almost no need to try them on because you know they will fit you to perfection. Your heart melts a little when you try them on for the first time and you know exactly where they will sit in your closet.

How you feel when you’ve found the perfect pair.

When you wear them out your strut beams a little more confident because you know you’ve got “your shoes” on. It doesn’t matter what brand they are or how much they cost because they make you feel like a million bucks. They are the kick to your step and the Prada to your personality. Your style is perfectly in sync with each other and they fit you flawlessly. They are a complete match made in heaven. They are and always will be your favorite pair of shoes.

So, next time you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, take a step back when you walk into the store and ask yourself, which shoes are calling your name? Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong!