For this weekend’s adventure, a friend an I made our way to the region of Umbria. Our two stops in Umbria: Terni and Perugia. People always talk about how beautiful Tuscany and Florence are, however they neglect to say much about Umbria. I don’t discredit the beauty, history, and culture of Florence, in fact I loved Florence, but it is much more Americanized. Umbria is like untouched Tuscany. There are rolling hills, mountains, waterfalls, history, art, fashion, and some amazing food.

Me on a bridge at Cascata della Marmore.


The first of the two cities we went to, Terni was like out of a fairytale. Cascata della Marmore is what originally attracted us to Terni, but the charm and quaintness of the city followed soon after arriving. We stayed at a beautiful hotel called, the Hotel Michelangelo Palace. It was a super clean and very cute hotel right across from the train station, so it is an easy commute to and from the train. After arriving in Terni and checking i at our hotel, we were able to make it to Cascata della Marmore, which was incredible. Walking around I felt as if I was in a Harry Potter movie, it’s absolutely magical.

After returning from the waterfall we decided to walk around the town for a little while before dinner. There was a super cute market that ran straight through town and at night it turned into a little gathering with a band. For those looking for a more authentic cuisine and experience definitely try DaPanzerotto. They have terrific panini that are very typical of Terni and the surrounding area and will complete your evening with a smile.


The second and last city we went to in Umbria was Perugia. Here we were captivated by the breathtaking scenery and the delicious chocolate. We also took a cab to a small town called Solomeo, where the famous fashion designer, Brunello Cucinelli produces his collections and has a small boutique. (For more on Solomeo and the Cucinelli Boutique check out my next post). We stayed at a very cute hotel in Perugia, called the Hotel Perugia Plaza.

The view from the top of the city in Perugia.
The view from the top of the city in Perugia.

It was very nice, however if you are looking to be able to walk to the city center I wouldn’t recommend staying there unless you like walking a bit of a distance and hilly terrain. In the city center there are tons of little shops to go and check out. Among these are some amazing chocolate stores that you must go into. Perugia is known for its chocolate, and let me tell you, I now know why. It was delicious! All in all I would say it was a great weekend and would definitely be a place that I would come back to myself and recommend to others. A perfect place to go with friends or even for a romantic weekend away.