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From statement outerwear to a splash of color on shoes, Milan’s streets were filled with style and trends this weekend for MFW!

Milan Fashion Week street style looks from outside of the Gucci store and cafe.
Why not add a little leather and fringe? MFW!
Street style in Milan during fashion week. Lots of outerwear!
More fashionable, street style looks in front of the Gucci store and cafe in Milan. Loving the Fendi bag! #strapyou
The fashionable streets of Milan.
More fashion trends from the streets of Milan in the Piazza del Duomo.
The streets of Milan during fashion week.
Street style from outside of the Salvatore Ferragamo show.
More street style looks from outside of the Ferragamo show.
More from outside the Ferragamo venue. Love this outfit! Can’t get over how simple, but cute it is!