Headaches from thinking about what to pack? Getting tired of taking pictures in the same old clothes? Want to show your style but not sure if it will all fit in your luggage? Here’s how you can reuse, reduce, and rewear your outfits to get you through a full weekend of traveling and adventures and look like you have something different on in every pic!

Get ready for an adventure!

I always like to stick to the basics… jeans, black pants, white shirts, basic sweaters, neutral colors. This way you can bring fewer clothes and mix look like you have come up with a whole new wardrobe just based on accessories. For a weekend trip bring one pair of extra pants and maybe two tops. This way you can give yourself a little variety in temperature and style/look.

Accessorize! Accessories are perfect things to buy as you travel. They are great pick-me-ups that are fairly inexpensive and will have some significance and meaning to you, as you will always remember where you got them from. Especially scarves! Just switch your scarf and it looks like you have a whole new outfit on! Especially since if you are wearing a coat you don’t want to bring multiple jackets with you and really the only thing you can see is a scarf.

White shirts, button downs or just regular t-shirts are great. They go with absolutely everything. Button downs are easily dressed up or down. When traveling, the more versatility, the better the piece of clothing. I suggest bringing one basic pair of shoes or boots. Especially, if you are going to be walking a lot you will want something comfortable, but also stylish.

Hairdos are also a great way to switch up looks without actually changing clothes. You can create a whole different look going from one day to the next by pulling your hair up one day and leaving it down another. And hotels always have hairdryers, so no need to worry about bringing your own.

Luggage locked up and ready to go!

You will never become better at narrowing down clothing to only the essentials until you have to pack for a four day long trip including clothes and toiletries in a tiny backpack. Remember, keep it simple. Just as Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Happy Travels!