This Spring/ Summer 2016 season was met with several new styles. From flatforms and slip on mules to lace up ballet flats, the season is full of fantastic new trends to pick from. So, here are four of our favorite shoe styles and trends for Spring/ Summer that are sure to put that kick back into your step after a long winter.

Slip Away! One of the chicest trends of the season, slip away into a fantastic pair of slip on mules or slippers and you’ll have the perfect shoe for the season. Slip into one of these and you’ll be channeling your inner celebrity in no time!

Sneakers with a Kick! You can go for the shock and wow with a more elaborate sneaker, or a more traditional, classic sneaker look. Either way both are very in style for this season. Mix and match to create your own style. Use a casual sneaker for more laid back outings, or modify it with an elaborate sneaker with a fancy dress for a more modern look.

Lace it up! One of my personal favorite styles of the season. It’s all about lacing up your shoes. Whether they are like these ballet flats, or lace up gladiator sandals, if you can twist and tie them, they are in style! Fellow blogger and fashionista Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad was also seen modeling this trend.

From the latest Miu Miu collection for Spring/ Summer 2016.

Wrapped around the Rainbow! Take those gladiators and sandals to another level with a big splash of color! Bringing the exotic, summer vibes back to you at home. You don’t even have to travel anywhere and you’ll be rocking those sun kissed influences without trying.

If you have any fantastic finds for the season comment below! Happy shoe hunting!