After being in Italy for 3 months it was time to venture a little south and take pizza to a whole new level. We had our fill of pizza é kabob and pizza con prosciutto crudo in Roma, but pizza margarita in Napoli would take the top. Though my stay in Naples was extremely hot, sticky, short, the pizza was well worth it.

In my quick run through Naples, I also came across some amazing historical places. Among them were Castel Nuovo and Teatro di San Carlo. Finally, after driving through strikes and rush hour traffic, we had made it to Brandi, the oldest pizzeria in the world. I walk in and am in a rush to get to my ferry, the man at the entryway looks at me and says, “No aperto”. So, after waiting in a cab for 30 minutes, getting my hopes up from the cab driver who from what I can understand in Italian said that it was very good and risking being late for the ferry, Brandi was closed. None the less I sprinted from Brandi to another cute, hole-in-the wall pizzeria that was closer to the dock, managed to pretty much inhale a whole pizza in about 10  minutes, and then sprint from the pizzeria to the ferry dock on a very full stomach. But, the pizza was so worth it. It was so good that it ruined all other pizza for me.

Now it’s time to hop a ferry to Capri! See you on the other side!