Home of giant lemons, Pucci, and lots of sun, if you don’t leave the island without a sunburn and a linen dress, you haven’t done Capri the right way. From Naples we took a 45 minute high speed ferry to the island of Capri. We arrived on the island and our fabulous Hotel Weber Ambassador shuttle drove us to the hotel. From there on out it was time for a weekend of RELAXATION!

After getting settled in our room and drooling over the view for a whole 20 minutes, we picked our mouths off of the floor and claimed our pool side seats. Margaritas by the pool and a view that never got old, what could be more perfect.

After our pool outing we freshened up and shuttled over to the city center for dinner and a little shopping. The streets in the city center are filled with specialty boutiques, selling everything from handmade sandals, to linen and coral jewelry. If you are up for a squished bus ride and have a second night to explore the city center of Capri, take the bus up to Anacapri. We did this on our second night and it was amazing. Even more food and shops to add to the list. With the Gulf of Naples and Tyrrhenian Sea as your backyard, you can’t go wrong anywhere you decide to have dinner on the island because the seafood is so fresh it practically jumps off the boat and onto your plate. So bring a big appetite and your walking shoes because a spinning class has nothing on the endless flights of stairs and hills you will climb while in Capri. This all balances out of course with the most gorgeous views of the sea.

Being from the Midwest, I would have been more apt to expect a hail storm the second week in April, but I could not have been any more wrong. It was a perfect 75 degrees and sunny for the whole weekend.  Therefore, we could not have chosen a better day for the beach and luckily it was nearby the hotel. Just down a couple million flights of stairs and you can be “swimmin with the jellies.”

For our final day before the ferry took off to head back to Naples and from there Roma, so instead of hitting the gorgeous beaches again, we decided to take a boat tour of the whole island. I could go on for days describing all of the grottos and rock formations, but it’s so much more fun to just see the pictures, so…

If staring at incredible rock formations and soaking up the water and sun aren’t your thing, then Capri probably wouldn’t be your best match, but as for me……. You’ll have to drag me home kicking and screaming.

So sad to go home.